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Can it be possible with SquishDot
Newbies Posted by Mike on Wednesday February 05, 07:57PM, 2003
from the dept.
I want to know if SquishDot can work more than a WebLog application, not whole a lot, just a bit more.

I am new to Zone/SquishDot. Please forgive me if my question is dumb. I've search the site, but I wasn't able to find the answer.

I have developed a Java signed applet with a Java servlet and I want to extend it as a Web application. I heard about Zope and while I was reading the Zope book (online version), I found SquishDot provides a Weblog capability, which is one thing I want to have in the Web application.

However, just simply having a Weblog is not what I want. Here is the minimum of what I need to have.

(1) Users can collaboratively create an online document (SuishDot support it.)

(2) Users can start my Java signed Applet on the my Weblog page. I suppose it can be done by adding a HTML APPLET tag in the WebLog page created with SquishDot. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

(3) Users can save their work into the WebLog site. This is the one that I am not sure if I can do it. I would be able to do it if I am developing an Zope Web application, but then I need to make my own WebLog module with Zope, which is not what I want. Can SquishDot do it? Or can SquishDot be modified to support it? (4) What kind of a database does SquishDot use?

Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Can it be possible with SquishDot
    by Aurelien Campeas on Thursday February 13, 06:00PM, 2003
    You can view squishdot as a skeleton you'll have to add flesh to in order to make it useful.
    So, for sure, you can use it as an entry point for any 'work' your users might supply. (3) see ZCatalog
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    Re: Can it be possible with SquishDot
    by Dean on Friday February 14, 05:46AM, 2003
    (1) Sounds to me like you want a Wiki?? See ZWiki.

    (2) You'd have to modify posting_html and add your applet stuff.

    (3) What kind of work? What you may realllly be wanting is a Document Management System, or perhaps a Content Management System? The latter is what CMF and the many CMF skins are good for.

    What solutions is Squishdot currently supplying for you? What led you to Squishdot?
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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