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Storage ?
Squishdot Posted by Niels Bach on Monday June 17, 02:20PM, 2002
from the dept.
How is data stored in the squishdot system and is it possible to back it up ?

In which format i data stored, is it in a file og in a database ? Is it possible to backup data and restore it in a new squishdot installation, in case you have a server chrash ?

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    Re: Storage ?
    by Jason Kottler on Saturday August 10, 12:00AM, 2002

    AFAIK, it's stored in the ZODB, so that means when you back up data.fs (you do back up data.fs, don't you?), your Squish is backed up, too.


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    Re: Storage ?
    by Alex Harden on Thursday August 15, 02:13PM, 2002
    I routinely export my Squishdot sites (usually after I post a new article). When my Linux box went south recently, I was able to boot it using Mandrake's rescue utility and ftp my .zexp's to a similarly configured Zope server on my WinXP box. I easily imported my sites and got them back online very quickly.

    I think this might be an easier method than restoring your data.fs, but I'm still relatively new to Zope and Squishdot.

    cygweb - alex's little corner of the internet
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    • Re: Storage ?
      by Chris Withers on Friday August 16, 02:26PM, 2002
      Nah, restoring the data.fs is easier. You just copy it into the var directory over the data.fs that's there. You can use a Linux data.fs on Windows and vice versa.

      The .zexp method doesn't scale well, you'll run into problems if you have a site with many many postings.



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      • Re: Storage ?
        by webelcho on Saturday September 28, 01:51PM, 2002
        This solution is only possible when the access to the datafs is open. It is not the case in the free hostings like www.freezope.org.
        Therefore, do you know a method to backup all the postings from the ZMI to my Hard drive?? A python Script??
        The correct export format will be a .txt, won't it?
        Thanx in advance

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        • Re: Storage ?
          by Chris Withers on Tuesday October 01, 04:06PM, 2002
          Use the .zexp, which will give you a binary zope export file. However, as I described, this won't scale if your site becomes very large.

          You could always pay for some decent hosting, I'd recommend http://www.nipltd.net/Personal.


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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