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Squishdot 1.4.1 ZBabel version
Squishdot Posted by Dirk Datzert on Monday June 10, 09:19PM, 2002
from the dept.

With Squishdot 1.4.1 ZBabel version a Squishdot version with I18N now is available.

You need Squishdot 1.4.1 ZBabel and the ZBabel:http://demo.iuveno-net.de/iuveno/Products/ZBabel product from Iuveno.

  1. Install Squishdot 1.4.1 ZBabel version via tar xzvf Squishdot-1.4.1.babel.tgz in your Zope Products directory.
  2. Install ZBabel via tar xzvf ZBabel-versioin.tgz' in your Zope Products directory.
  3. Restart Zope
  4. Install a ZBabelTower in the root folder
  5. Add a Squishdot as usual, with template'Plain Web Pages'
  6. Post articles and comments with the Squishdot
  7. add a language in the ZBabelTower
  8. Edit the phrases in ZBabel in the your language

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