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Connecting Squishdot and Mailman
Squishdot Posted by Pieter Biemond on Wednesday May 29, 07:59PM, 2002
from the the-ultimate-groupware-until-swishdot-is-released? dept.
I created some scripts/hacks to connect Squishdot to mailman mailinglist server. In this mini-how-to I tell you how. Every message which is posted, will be sent to the [subjectname]@foo.com.

  • Install Mailman
  • Patch your Squishdot mail_html. An example can be found at: mail_html
  • Somehow create a way to add members to your mailman (or use mailman interface). I use the following scripts to synchronize the members from a MySQL database. This uses sync_members from Mailman.

Good luck!

Please let me know if you have success installing this. Any additions/suggestions are welcome!

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