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Squish Commerce?
Newbies Posted by Glengyron on Wednesday March 27, 02:24AM, 2002
from the I-want-it-all dept.
Does anyone have an recommendations / suggestions on integrating Squishdot with a shop product? What's popular? There are plenty of products, but which ones are going to be around in the future? And which ones are people happy with now?

I'm happy with Squishdot, it's got the feature set I need, and the example applications have plenty of guides for how to stick things together. My question is this:

Out of all the 'shop' products out there, which ones would go well with Squishdot, and which ones will be supported into the future.

The range of 'products' for Zope is great, but I really want information on who's using what, and are they happy or not? Are the commercial products worth the money? I want to run a small shop system from my Squishdot site for people to buy retail products.

Thanks in advance for your advice! :-)

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    Re: Squish Commerce?
    by Jason Kottler on Friday April 05, 11:55PM, 2002

    Actually, I was unable to find a storefront product under Zope that I liked. I use zope to run my website The Wonderverse and have come to love it's simplicity, elegance, and raw power. I use squish to run our "News and discussion" section, and I was astonished at how it integrated into our site in about 6 seconds.

    However, for commerce, I'm presently investigating the osCommerce product. It's an open source (thus, the "os") PHP product.

    My host, (Hurrah - they rock) allows both Zope and PHP in the same installation, so I have that option.

    If you don't, I'm sort of at a loss for recommendations.

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    Re: Squish Commerce?
    by Daeron Meyer on Friday May 10, 09:42PM, 2002

    I got a fair amount of mileage out of etailer-os from adroit.net:


    It's a pretty cool open source product but they haven't updated the code base in a while (probably because they got funded to write a "better" commercial product). I needed to patch 4-5 lines of code in Etailer.py due to their old-style catalog.addIndex calls. However, it worked like a charm after that.

    It lets you customize the look of your store pretty easily, plus it has a built in shopping cart, checkout, order management and credit card info collection if you need that.

    If anyone is interested in picking up the codebase and sourceforging it I'd be happy to help out by contributing my revisions and any updates/cool features I end up adding to it.

    you can reach me via email at: zopedope at daeron dot com

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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