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Squishy Scary
Newbies Posted by AO on Wednesday March 20, 03:46PM, 2002
from the is-it-just-me-or-is-my-belly-squishy dept.
What scares me about Squishdot the most, it that the last posted article is from Feb 7th. And today its March 20th.

Whats going on with Squishdot? I've installed it and have liked it so far, but what i'm really looking forward to is Swishdot.

Is Squish/Swish a viable option for a mega site, or should one look elswhere?

Not that elsewhere offers the ease of use of Squish/Zope. Though has anyone looked into the Encore forum at Aborior.com?

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    Busy :-(
    by Chris Withers on Saturday March 30, 10:04AM, 2002
    Hi there,

    Sorry, I've been a bit on the busy side. The work I'm doing is gonna make Swishdot easier to write.

    As for a mega site, I found out yesterday that dot.kde.org, a Squishdot site, has 20,000 postings in it :-)


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    Re: Squishy Scary
    by Steve Herrick on Friday April 05, 06:58AM, 2002
    Questions on Swishdot: What should we expect? Will it be a CMF add-on? It seems the CMF structure lends itself readily to weblogs.

    The biggest question is: will it be backwards-compatible?

    A close second is: when should we expect it?
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    • Re: Squishy Scary
      by Chris Withers on Saturday April 06, 10:15AM, 2002
      Swishdot will be a CMF add-on but will, by default, come with it's own CMF bundle to make it easier to install. Power users will still have the option to set their own config up though as this is important for people who want to integrate discussions into existing CMF sites.

      As for backwards compatability, Swishdot will include a utility to import postings from a a Squish site, however, I won't by trying to cater for layout and customisation import. That said, the magic of ZPT may make moving the layout over pretty easy ;-)

      As for when, as soon as I get a chance! If someone can fund it, I can do it during work time. If no-one can fund it, it has to wait for outside-work time to become available :-(


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      • Re: Squishy Scary
        by Yury German on Monday July 15, 03:17AM, 2002
        Please do not Make it a CMF bundle, and if you do also make a standalone version.

        CMF has a lot of problems with Apache and the way that apache handles redirects.

        Even now I can not use CMF because it does not support the latest apache (although it is a problem with apache).

        The recommendation is to use an earlier version and what does is open up people to security holes.

        So if you are using redirects you are SOL.
        Which is the reason I stick with squishdot (and would hope to have swishdot as a plain zope product.

        I think that there are plenty of squishdot type products for CMF available. So I am asking that if you making this product please make it for the regular zope without CMF
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        • Re: Squishy Scary
          by Chris Withers on Friday August 16, 02:31PM, 2002
          Sorry, Swishdot will be for CMF only, it gives me too much for free to worry about making it work outside the CMF.

          I don't know about you CMF/Apache problems, I haven't had any. I suggest you ask on zope-cmf@zope.org.
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          • Re: Squishy Scary
            by Yury German on Wednesday October 16, 06:53PM, 2002
            Chris, I am sorry to hear you say that. SquishDot is a good product and I use it for one of the sites now. If it is CMF only I will have to stop using it because it does not work with any New Apache Build and using apachy proxies, when you have virtual hosts.

            It is a known fact and I have asked before. You can search for my name at cmf-zope. The responce is to go use the old apache build. That is fine, but if you use old apache your computer will be taken over by hackers faster then you can say SQUISHDOT (I know because tats my job). So if you want to have a site that is secure and can not be easily hacked by known vulnerabilities, you have to have apache patched. Which means that cmf does not work.

            Please reconsider your thoughts for the future.

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            • Apache, proxies and CMF
              by Chris Withers on Thursday October 17, 04:42PM, 2002
              The problem with Apache you mention is an Apache bug to do with cookies. Any site using cookie authentication in Zope (which Swishdot would do regardless) will suffer this problem.

              If you update to the very latest Apache, this problem is solved, you don't need to use an old Apache anymore :-)

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