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Newbie Question about index numbers
Newbies Posted by John on Sunday February 24, 11:36PM, 2002
from the What the heck am I doing dept.
A simple question (I hope) about index numbers for articles.

The rightbox methods contain url references to articles posted. Where do these numbers come from, or in other words, how do het get these numbers toreference feature articles, hepl messages, etc.

Below is an example from an initial installation of Squishdot, in particular, where does 1014592924 come from? I've looked around and can't seem to find a reference to this number or any other, for that matter.

Read <A href="<!--#var site_url -->/1014592924/index_html">Welcome to <!--#var site_name--></A>
to learn about what it's all about.

Thanks to all for any replies.

John C.

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    Re: Newbie Question about index numbers
    by Chris Withers on Saturday March 30, 11:02AM, 2002
    In that case, it's generated when the Squishdot site object is created.

    If you want to create static links to Articles, just visit the article in a browser and copy the URL from there...


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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