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Squishdot Limits!
Squishdot Posted by Danilo Tamer on Friday February 01, 04:35PM, 2002
from the dept.
which the limit of messages of squishdot ? in mb or in msgs?

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    None! :-P
    by Chris Withers on Friday February 01, 05:12PM, 2002
    There technically aren't any limits.

    Things may get interesting after 65,000 postings, although I doubt it and you may have a little fun if the total size of all your postings exceeds 2 Gigabytes, but they're both easily fixable in any case, even if they were a problem, which I'm nto convinced they are :-)


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    • Re: limits
      by Dave on Thursday March 28, 02:21AM, 2002
      Do you have any suggestions regarding the 2G storage limit and how to best handle it? I have a number of Squish sites on a server, each with thousands of articles. So far, the solution is to mount a ZODB for each of the big sites, so as to get the full 2G available for each. I realize this is more of a ZODB question, but I'm curious to see if you have any neat ideas about Squish sites that exceed 2G.
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    • :-)
      by Chris Withers on Thursday March 28, 10:45AM, 2002
      Yeah, recompile python with large file support and make sure you're using a file system that supports large files.

      I did this and happilly had a Data.fs up to about 10GB...

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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