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Export Postings
How-To Posted by Jackie Gibson on Thursday July 19, 02:00PM, 2001
from the dept.
We are running Zope 2.2.5 and Squishdot 0.7.3 on a production box. We are planning on creating a new box, initially for testing that will eventually replace the current server, with Zope 2.3.3 and Squishdot 1.2.1.

I have excellent documentation on my customizations but am having problems finding an easy way to export my postings only. There are only 42 and most are very short, so I can re-enter them if that is the easiest. My search on squishdot.org did not reveal anything that seemed to help, but if there is already a posting regarding this issue, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

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    Re: Export Postings
    by Navindra Umanee on Tuesday July 31, 04:50PM, 2001
    Why don't you export your site to a .zexp from the Zope interface, and then reimport?

    I've been thinking of adding a feature to the dot that will help me re-enter articles by ID number if that is necessary. addPostingForm will screw up the date and original link.

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    • Re: Export Postings
      by Chris Withers on Tuesday July 31, 05:11PM, 2001
      IIRC, someone has done this already...

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    Re: Export Postings
    by Amr Malik on Wednesday August 01, 01:43AM, 2001

    Jackie, Check this link out [http://www.squishdot.org/990259865/index_html] (an older post). I have tried this on an experimental basis to move articles from a .4 to a 1.0.0 site. and I was able to get all articles in the target Squish instance. Unfortunately, both squishdot instances have to be at the same version (as far as I can tell) for your case you might wanna look into what I did as I describe it below:

    What I did for my production site was to actually export my whole Squishdot folder into a .zexp file. import it into the new prod svr where the higher version (1.0.0) was already installed. I had to do the upgrade bit as described in the Documentation link (in the left box on this site!) to upgrade my squish instance after I had imported the .zexp file.

    of course you will have to have supporting products already installed on your newer Zope install so that the import of this .zexp doesn't barf all over the place. For me, I had to install tinytables, FSCounter first. So here is what I did in summary:

    • install new zope
    • install squishdot 1.0.0
    • install supporting products that my squishdot instance will need (FSCounter, TinyTables)
    • import the old site's .zexp file in my root (in my case)
    • do the upgrade bit exactly as described in the Documentation section.
    • fix my dtml. I created a dummy instance of squishdot and scavenged DTML methods (copy/paste) into my imported instance. For example, my mail dtml was acting up so I just copied the one from the 1.0.0 squishdot temporary instance and voila!
    • tested just a little bit ;-P
    • deleted the temp instance I had created!



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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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