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How-To Posted by Suzette on Tuesday July 10, 08:04PM, 2001
from the dept.
Just recently installed Zope 2.3.3 and Squishdot 1-2-1, but the HTML tags which worked in previous versions, do not work any more

I previously had Zope 2.2.4 and Squishdot 0-7-2 and they worked fine together. I didn't upgrade but rather uninstalled the older versions and re-installed the new versions from scratch. Now for some reason, html tags which worked in the previous version are not working in this version, like and etc. disappear.
I don't know what the heck is going on and I wish someone would explain to me step by step (like I am a five year old) what to do to fix this problem before I lose all my hair

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    Re: HTML Tags
    by Navindra Umanee on Tuesday July 31, 04:55PM, 2001
    Please walk us through an example and tell us what goes wrong.
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    • Re: HTML Tags
      by spoonfed on Saturday July 12, 06:38PM, 2003
      in zmi in the root of your squishdot on the properties tab,

      add a new property called


      of type lines. click add

      you will have a line type box. fill it like this:


      and then add the tags you want... like


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      • Re: HTML Tags and "valid_tags"
        by Mark Matthews on Friday July 09, 04:38PM, 2004
        I'm running the server - and when I add this text into a posting containing my IP address

        <b>Discussion of Management resources and methodology.<b>
        <img src="\\\temp\squishdot_stuff\dilbert2004024403604.JPG" alt="Dilbert Rules" border="2">

        it displays great on my pc, but not on anyone else's, they just get a picture placeholder... Is there something I can do to fix that, or is it a Squishdot/Zope limitation?

        Mark Matthews
        mmatthews@nyfix.co.uk <mailto:mmatthews@nyfix.co.uk>
        Tel +44 (0) 20 7256 5559
        1st Floor, 1-3 Dufferin St, London EC1Y 8NA

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        • learn HTML ;-)
          by Chris Withers on Monday July 12, 09:41AM, 2004
          No, it's a "you need to learn html" limitation ;-)


          <img src="" alt="Dilbert Rules" border="2">

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          • Re: learn HTML ;-)
            by Mark Matthews on Monday July 12, 09:59AM, 2004
            Thanks but it does not work... maybe I didn't explain it right...

            These are external images by thw way (not inside any web server at all), just on one of our file servers' shares. They will typically be JPG's of UML diagrams, flowcharts, graphs, etc. This is the way the pointy-haired guys want us to take this.

            This is an important limitation as lots of the companys' information that we want to gather up is going to stay external to the Zope server and Squishdot zope application.

            The <img src=http://.....> does not work from a plain html page created in Notepad, let alone inside Squishdot, is this the crux of the matter? That these images arn't (going to be) web-served?

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          • Re: learn HTML ;-)
            by Mark Matthews on Monday July 12, 10:15AM, 2004
            Thankyou. But having tried that, which unfortunatley didn't work either, I did do some HTML related RTFM.

            As the images / files we will be using are external I tried using the "file:" indicator instead of "http:", which seems to have worked fine thankyou.

            <img src="file://" alt="TRY THIS ONE ALSO" border="2">

            Yet again, the support of you open source guys rocks :-)
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    Re: HTML Tags
    by Kevin Jardine on Friday August 03, 01:15PM, 2001
    Click on the properties tab at the top right when in the Zope Management System (and the Squishdot folder).

    At the bottom you will see a list of valid tags. Makes sure that all the tags you want are there and press Save Changes. Do this even if you don't change the list of valid tags. These tags will now be accepted.

    This is a great feature because it ensures a consistency of style in your messages.

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