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Rightbox method showing postings by subject
How-To Posted by Moshe Buhboot on Tuesday June 05, 09:49PM, 2001
from the dept.
I would like my right box methods to show a 'n' last postings of a certain subject

Although this questions was asked and answered by many people in the past, I would like to re-post: all the answers given so far had errors.
ChrisW has helped solved the issue and sent me an email with the correction, but... my pc crashed together with my yet-to-be-completed Zope which was never really backed up :-(

It was suggested that the following code will be used:

Display the item here; see index_html for details on how to display various article elements.

The problem is that I am receiving:

Error Type: AttributeError
Error Value: __call__

I remember that it got something to do with acquisition but I am unable to reconstruct the code to work under the right_box methods.

To clarify things, this code work perfect when its part of the index_html or what ever DTML Method under the Squishdot folder.


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    HTML Filtered
    by Chris Withers on Thursday June 07, 06:19PM, 2001
    Hehe... your code was 'filtered' 'cos it looked like HTML but wasn't in the valid tags list.

    Perhaps you could email it to squishdot@yahoogroups.com and join that list?

    ...or post it here but set 'Encoding' to 'Plain Text'


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    Re: Rightbox method showing postings by subject
    by Mike Renfro on Monday June 11, 03:22AM, 2001
    See here if you haven't already.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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