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Moving articles from one Squishdot Site to another
How-To Posted by 70South on Saturday May 19, 09:11AM, 2001
from the Thanks Chris dept.

If you have ever wanted to move articles (including comments) to another squishsite, here is a solution that WORKS!

Download the external method python file and follow the instructions in Read More...

Here is how to do it!

You need two functional Squishdot Sites before starting this.

  1. Place the file mvsquish.py (attached) into the Zope Extensions directory.
  2. Edit the file and rename "oldnews" and "news" to the names of the "source" and "destination" Squishdot Sites on your server.
  3. Create an external method in a directory that contains the two Squishdot Sites with the following values
  4. Open a brower and type the following URL:


  5. If you see "DONE!", its party time and you owe Chris a beer next time you see him ;-)

Note that this method also re-catalogues your Squishdot Site, so there should be nothing more to do...

Worked fine for me :-)


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    Re: Moving articles from one Squishdot Site to ano
    by on Monday May 21, 06:13AM, 2001

    Now if only you'd attach the .py file...

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    Houston, we have a bug!
    by Chris Withers on Monday May 21, 09:28AM, 2001
    Brendon did post with an attachment, but I edited the posting, and that lost the attachment.

    Hopefully, this will get fixed in 1.2.0


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    • Re: Houston, we have a bug!
      by Amr Malik on Friday June 01, 09:55PM, 2001

      could you post just the URL in the message text? also can we go across different versions? say 0.7.0 etc to 1.x.x ?



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      • Huh?
        by Chris Withers on Thursday June 07, 06:42PM, 2001

        Your posting made no sense :-S


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      • Re: Houston, we have a bug!
        by Amr Malik on Friday June 08, 05:28AM, 2001

        Sorry for the confusion! what I meant was that could you post the link to the .py file, and as is obvious, I jumped the gun since the file is there in the right box! the second part of the gobbelygook is asking whether this article copying snippet can be used to go across sites of different versions (which would mean going across different zope installations), but looking at the code it becomes evident that it is probably to be run on the same instance!

        My apologies for the confusion!


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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