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ZODB growing a lot?
Squishdot Posted by Bruno Mattarollo on Thursday May 10, 06:38PM, 2001
from the zodb-getting-2gb-in-four-days dept.

We are using Squishdot 0-7-2 to power a very active website at act.greenpeace.org and our ZODB is growing up to 2 GB almost every week.

The issue is that I am not sure that this is related to Squishdot, but I would like to know if some of you noticed that (after packing the database it gets down to normal values -aprox 200MB-) or should I look into other directions? We are running some custom software on that Zope machine also...

Any ideas on where I should start looking at?

Thanks in advance!

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    Zope 2.3.2, Squishdot 1.1.1
    by Chris Withers on Thursday May 10, 10:49PM, 2001
    Well, of course I'd point the finger at something other than Squishdot ;-)

    Seriously though, this may be because of some data structures used in Squishdot that are part of the Zope core. These were recently re-engineered to cause the ZODB to grow much less quickly.

    My recommendation would be to upgrade to Zope 2.3.2 and Squishdot 1.1.1 (you'll have to wait until early next week ;-) and then take stock after that.


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    • Re: Zope 2.3.2, Squishdot 1.1.1
      by Kevin Jardine on Saturday May 12, 11:12AM, 2001
      We appear to be seeing a large growth when people add a comment to a thread. Is it possible that Zope is keeping a backup copy of the entire thread?

      Since some of our threads have hundreds of comments, this could make a big difference.

      We've installed the latest version of Zope and we'll install Squishdot 1.1.1 as soon as it is available.

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    Re: ZODB growing a lot?
    by runyaga on Friday May 11, 12:48AM, 2001

    If you have such a heavy discussion area, I would suggest a few things. But your problems probably lie in your custom software. Recommendations:

    * like ChrisW said, 'move to the new Squishdot' and newest version of ZOPE 2.3.2

    * segment your ZODB/Squishdot using MountedStorage ot its own Data.fs (last effort)

    * do you have any counters? I bet your custom software is programmed not thinking about large volume and Zope's Undo (the most likely culprt)

    * on zope.org there are scripts that will allow ZOPE to 'pack'. I would put a daily cron job @4AM that packed your ZODB. this way you will never go above 1GB or so. (this isnt solving your problem -- just a work around)

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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