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How to add a FSPoll to the rightbox_methods
How-To Posted by Manoj E.G. on Friday March 30, 12:15PM, 2001
from the Newbies-are-having-a-tough-time dept.
I have downloaded the FSPoll product from Zope. After several unsuccessful attempts at adding an FSPoll to my rightbox_methods, I have decided to approach the Squish Gurus. Helpppp...!!!

I have Squishdot at http://host:8080/site/. I want a daily poll to appear as a right hand side box(just like in slashdot). Installing FSPoll and creating an FSPoll folder with quetion(s) and answers in the rightbox_methods folder was the first step. I then added a dtml method with title "Today's Poll" in the rightbox_methods folder.

Question is, how do I make the required FSPoll question appear in the "Today's Poll" box? My dtml knowledge is not worth speaking to anyone about but I daresay that I fooled around quite a bit with what I knew and what I could find out from Zope.

All said and done, I still don't have a poll. Ideas, help, thoughts anyone?

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    Here's one way
    by Peter Bengtsson on Friday April 06, 10:21AM, 2001

    How you "<dtml-var" this, I don't care. I "<dtml-var" it directly from /index_html

    Look at the code, "misc_methods.ondpolly" Don't you already have a folder called "misc_methods", right. "ondpolly" is my FSPoll folder.

    Attached is a .zexp file. Import this in your FSPoll folder suggestivly.

    Click to download attachment pollbox.zexp
    1KB (1149 bytes)

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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