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Post forwarding...
Squishdot Posted by Kurt Landrus on Thursday May 25, 08:10PM, 2000
from the dept.
Is there a mechanism for gating Squishdot postings to email? We are evaluating using Squishdot for an internal dicussions, but we have some people who are too lazy (management) to go to the discussion site and view posts. Is there an easy way to have every post automatically forwarded to a mail dist. list? I noticed in the comment vereification template that there appears to be a mechanism to enable automatic notifications of comments to the original author, but I can't find where to turn this feature on or off.

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    Re: Post forwarding...
    by Michael Sanborn on Friday June 02, 05:16PM, 2000
    The automatic notification feature won't do what you want. I, too, would be very interested in receiving email notification of every posting, not just responses to the ones I write.
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    • Re: Post forwarding...
      by Chris on Monday June 05, 01:07PM, 2000
      This shouldn't be to hard to do...

      Why not just add a sendmail section of validate_article?

      If there's a real demand for this, someone please hack it into the two addPosting methods in Squishdot.py and I'll include it in the next release.

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      • Re: Post forwarding...
        by Phil Langton on Thursday June 15, 08:10AM, 2000
        I hear what you say but how will this fix identify the people to whom the email notification of a new post will be sent?

        Would this not require a list of discussion participants to be set up initially and/or developed as people come into the site?

        Wouldn't an option of listing all new postings be more effective. At present I don't see how to view new postings which can be a pain if there are lots of threads by different authors.

        You may be interested to see our comparison of several discussion boards vs wikis.


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        • Re: Post forwarding...
          by Nils Jeppe on Tuesday June 27, 11:30AM, 2000
          Hmmm depends on what you want to do. You could build a dtml interface for a mailing list manager, like mailman, and then send new articles to one or several normal email listservs. This should neatly solve the problem.

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    Re: Post forwarding...
    by kellan on Thursday June 15, 12:14AM, 2000
    i realize we're supposed to be talking about zope here, but i just ran into this same problem (internal discussion board, managers not using web browsers, etc...)

    my solution was phorum (www.phorum.org) its in php (but once you know one scripting language...), and it included a nice 2-way communication with email.

    it leverages a listserv, i'm using mailman, because there is a rumor that mailman can integrate w/ nntp, which would mean you could browse the discussions via the web, email, or news
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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