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post articles in multiple forums
Squishdot Posted by Terrance on Friday January 21, 06:34AM, 2000
from the bilibala dept.
Is it possible to post an article to multiple squishdot forums? I currently have two forums, One is private with password protection, the other public. I want all the public articles to appear in the private forum as well, and people in the private forum can have an option of posting to the public forums.... Is this possible?
If so, any suggestions on where to start, any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: post articles in multiple forums
    by Butch Landingin on Saturday January 22, 11:12AM, 2000
    Ummm... sorry, not without some *serious* hacking of the DTML/python code.

    However, if you did want to hack the python code, you'd probably modify the addPosting method to add the posting to add it to another Squishdot site in addition to its self (one private, the other public). Since in one instance you want to add Postings only to one Folder (e.g. the private Folder) and in another instance you want to add it to both Folders -- you'd need modify the addPosting and addPostingForm to handle a variable that will indicate if you want the add it to two folders or only one.

    You'd also have to add some Folder property to indicate whether they have the option of posting to the other Squishdot Folder (for the private Folder) or if its always posted to both (as this will be the case in the public Folder)

    Finally, you'd have to add a field in the Squishsite class to hold the id of the other Squishdot folder and some code to retrieve it when you need to attach a posting to it in the addPosting method.

    Because you've added a new data member in Squishsite, you'd also have to modify the DTML form used in adding a Squishdot folder as well as the DTML form that displays the Squishdot options for editing. I'm assuming, of course, that both your Squishdot folders will be residing in the same directory.

    All in all, some serious hacking (unless someone else comes up with better approach)...

    Good luck. HTH.

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    Re: post articles in multiple forums
    by Curtis Yanko on Monday January 24, 11:56AM, 2000
    Maybe I'm being naive but couldn't this just be a flag? In the 'public' area (and form) the user wouldn't be presented with a choice as to whether it is public or private and there screen would only show 'public' articles. To private memebers however, they would be given the chance of marking an article ptivate, or not and would see all articles. Still, requires adding a property which comes with a lot of re-writing (I'm doing the same thing if you remember just for different properties). Good way to learn some Zope/Python :)

    How are the ZClasses coming Butch? I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to try and bite that off. I'm torn between getting something working quickly or doing it right even if it kills me>
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    • Re: post articles in multiple forums
      by Butch Landingin on Monday January 24, 10:31PM, 2000
      That could be another approach...

      But you would also need to handle the search functions to filter out private articles...

      As for the ZClasses, I'm writing something about the basic architecture of the next generation of Squishdot that will be published here in a day or two -- but I would really urge you to learn about ZClasses and ZCatalogs -- if you are thinking of adding properties and adding your own features to Squishdot -- ZClasses, PythonMethods, DTML methods & ZCatalogs will be the main tools to do these kinds of stuff in the future (although python might still be used for stuff thats just not easy to do with the above tools).



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      • Re: post articles in multiple forums
        by George Billson on Tuesday November 13, 05:03PM, 2001
        I want to multipost too! anita_haecki@hotmail.com, astridhurschler@hotmail.com, christian.t.affolter@bluewin.ch, gaelle.wolf@gmx.ch, goschti@hotmail.com, Lara.kellermann@teleport.ch, mel_zaugg@hotmail.com, tomimatsu@netsinai.com, thesioesch@yahoo.com, tina.baehler@eas.ericsson.se "Achermann Anita" , "Achermann Peter" , "Amberg Catharine" , Amstutz André , "Barmettler Beat" , "Burch Marcel" , "Gosteli Beatrice" , "Hess Fredy" , "Imboden Jenny" , "Kuratle Kathrin" , "Mathis Andrea" , "Matter Roland" , "Neubauer Christoph" , "Odermatt Beat " , Röthlin Kilian , "Scherer Corinne" , "Stocker Monika" , "Waser Daniel"
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