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Squishdot Posted by Ben Mitchell on Tuesday November 16, 11:31PM, 1999
from the I don't understand dept dept.
One of the main features I am looking for is peer moderation (yes, just like slashdot, isn't that a surprise!). Does squishdot have this capability, or is it just admin moderation? If it doesn't how easy would it be to develop this idea and would there be any demand for it?

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    Re: Moderation?
    by Harry on Wednesday November 17, 07:17AM, 1999
    You probably can do it by setting up a user with moderation permissions, and passing that user login/passwword to those peers you want to moderate this.

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    • Re: Moderation?
      by Chris Lusena on Saturday November 27, 02:42AM, 1999
      Slashdot does not do this any more,
      in my knowledge anyway. They have a two level
      moderation process. Moderators are given
      small amount of moderation power randomly,
      and then meta-moderator are assigned random
      moderations to moderate. This works for Slashdot
      but they are a large site with a need since
      a chosen few cannot handle the load.

      A better solution would the have a display system like Slashdot and a
      moderation API. Thus one could use various methods and decide which works
      best for the community.

      The history of moderation at Slashdot is at

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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