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Upgrade of an existing squishdot site
Squishdot Posted by Yann Dupont on Tuesday November 09, 04:30PM, 1999
from the I'm stuck dept.
What is the Right(tm) way to update an existing Squishdot site ??

I have an old (the first release) Squishdot with some articles. I now have installed the lastest squishdot. (in the sameplace). Old articles are displayed OK, but I can't post a new article :

              Zope Error

              Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. 

              Error Type: AttributeError
              Error Value: showMessage

Seems like a DTML problem, So I copied all the DTML from a new instance of Zope to the existing one. Cure some problems, but not this One. It's probably better tu just save somewhere the old posts, completly install a new squishdot instance, and the post the old messages ... Is there an easy way to do this ?? Yann.

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