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seeking ZOPE/Squishdot programmer/help
Squishdot Posted by Harry on Thursday November 04, 06:24PM, 1999
from the earn-your-millions-here dept.
While Squishdot and Zope are 90% ideal for a project I'm developing, the remaining 10% of the functionality will need to be added, and they aren't straight-forward mods (at least to me), so I'm interested in collaborating with someone, for hire, who could implement the modifications and enhancements I need.

Essentially, these enhancements are:

  • A separate, threaded message board for general discussion (we have a design and UI in mind already) that shares messages/threads with the messages posted under articles.
  • An integrated polling/survey tool.
  • An integrated random text displayer.
  • Possibly integration of the Squishdot database into MySQL.
  • various tweaks here and there.
I estimate the duration of the development work to be 1-2 months, with some additional support and tweaks needed later.

Contact me for more information, and if interested.


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    Re: seeking ZOPE/Squishdot programmer/help
    by Danda on Saturday November 06, 03:38AM, 1999
    Why don't you try posting on one of the open source for hire boards:

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    Re: Polling
    by JonC on Wednesday November 10, 04:01PM, 1999
    This would be great ... I have been looking at integrating the Poll product into Squishdot with some success - Significant hacking required and thus hugely un-upgradeable during this development phase.

    Has anyone else tried or come up with an alternative solution? Our plan was to try and embed a poll directly into an article and thus be searchable etc (and discussable).

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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