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These things are missing from the destructions
Squishdot Posted by Leon Brooks on Saturday October 30, 12:05PM, 1999
from the sure-its-installed-but dept.
When I installed SquishDot, I could administer it, but, not being a Zope-head, there were a number of simple but significant facts that I didn't (still don't) know, and need to know in order to set SquishDot up usefully.

First item: what URL do incoming viewers use to see Squishdot in a default install? I tried all of the obvious ones like http://name.of.site/Squishdot, and other URI's like /Squishdot/IDofInstance /IDofInstance and so on, with no joy.

Second item (really a Zope issue): how do I _change_ that URI, in particular to make the URI / ?

Third item (Zope issue): how do I do a name-based (as opposed to IP-based) virtual host, SquishDot being the item I want to VH?

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    Re: These things are missing from the destructions
    by Butch Landingin on Sunday October 31, 11:33AM, 1999
    Destructions? You don't need no stinking destructions... ;^)

    You do need to read up on Zope if you want to administer Squishdot (Squishdot being a Zope-add on). There's a documentation page where you will find the Zope Administrator's guide which shows you all the basic stuff you need to know to manage Zope.

    For the second: Whip up some DTML magic in
    your root index_html DTML method to redirect it to your squishdot folder. For example:

    <dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect('(your-squishdot-folder's-uri-hre)')">

    For the third: There's a SiteAccess, Redirector a nd Virtual Host Folder Zope products mentioned in the Zope Products page that might help you out.

    You can also join the Zope mailing list or Squishdot's mailing list which might be a better medium for installation problems, basic questions, etc.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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