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Squishdot Posted by John on Friday October 29, 03:14PM, 1999
from the how-much-rope-do-i-give-people dept.
I'd like to set up a local security role for people to moderate a Squishdot site. What rights do I need to grant to them?

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    Re: Moderating
    by Butch Landingin on Sunday October 31, 12:11PM, 1999
    You need to give them the Manager role in your squishdot folder. I know this is overkill -- but due to a known bug that I haven't found a fix for (see the Changes document),
    they have to have that in order to approve/edit postings.

    I'm still working on this and will post a fix as soon as I find one.

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    • Re: Moderating
      by axxackall on Monday June 30, 03:55PM, 2003
      Is it really fixed yet? As for now (Squishdot-1.5.0) it's still the same problem: assigning the "Moderate Postings" permission to the role "Reviewer" (or other non-manager roles) doesn't really let them ("reviewers") to moderate. Assigning the Manager" role to such users helps: now they can moderate.
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      • Re: Moderating
        by Chris Withers on Tuesday July 15, 01:00PM, 2003

        Best check the documentation.

        In particular, make sure you're going direct to the right URL to moderate the postings.

        If you do want to navigate around the ZMI, you'd also need the View Management Screens permission.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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