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Image Format Support (GIF,JPEG)
Squishdot Posted by Harry on Friday October 29, 06:56AM, 1999
from the dept.
So, TopicImages and Images are in something called the XCF format, which is supposedly a GIMP format.... so, how do I create such a beast?

I figured 'no biggie!', and thought I'd just open an existing image in The Gimp, and save it as XCF format.


GIMP doesn't offer XCF format saves, albeit it provides a heck of a number of other save formats.

So, how can I quickly and easily create XCF files, *AND* is there any way to permit Squishdot to support other file formats, like GIF and JPEG - simply because some of us use other platforms for graphic creation (like a Mac).

Support for more standardized formats would be keen in that case.


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    Re: Image Format Support (GIF,JPEG)
    by Harry Henry Gebel on Saturday October 30, 11:51AM, 1999
    Hello fellow Harry,

    The images used by Squishdot are all GIFs and can be edited with any program that edits GIFs. Zope and Squishdot do not support XCF (actually they support anything you want to upload to an image object, but the height, width, and content type fields will only be filled in if the image is a gif, a jpeg, or I think a png image. In any case most browsers only support JPEG and GIF images so you wouldn't want to use an XCF image anyhow.) The XCF images that you can download from the demo are to be altered to your color scheme and then saved as gifs before being uploaded back to Zope.

    Gimp does support XCF saves, in fact that format was created specifically for Gimp and is (or was) the only format that the Gimp can save individual layers to. If you choose to select file type by extension and give the file an xcf extension it will be saved in that format, also it appears in the dropdown list of formats, although the first time you click on the list it will be below the bottom of the screen, but if you click on the list a second time it will move the list up so you can see the whole thing.
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    Re: Image Format Support (GIF,JPEG)
    by A Nominal Coward on Saturday October 30, 02:16PM, 1999
    Your Gimp has a severe problem, then. XCF *is* Gimp's native format, and I've been saving files as XCF with no problems for quite a while now.

    Hint: if you don't see XCF in the File Types dropdown in the Save dialog, either move the Save dialog toward the top of the screen (it's a very long dropdown) or just type "filename.xcf" into the Filename box.

    Re: your request for "other file format" support, please note that no, Squishdot does NOT serve up the XCF files, because your browser would not read them. It serves standard GIF/JPEG/PNG or whatever. In fact, I can't even figure out where you got those XCF's, since in Squishdot 0.3.2, when you create a new Squishsite, all the images in TopicImages and Images have the MIME type image/gif.
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    • Re: Image Format Support (GIF,JPEG)
      by Christian on Tuesday August 13, 10:49AM, 2002
      That's right!!! Thanks
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    by Bruce Perens on Saturday October 30, 07:20PM, 1999
    Squishdot supports GIF and JPEG. Actually, it's Zope that supports them. Just upload them and Zope will figure out which one they are from the header and serve them appropriately. File extensions do not matter.

    I think something is confusing you regarding the image formats.



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    • Image Formats Confusion
      by Harry on Sunday October 31, 07:44PM, 1999
      I believe one of the Squishdot tutorials, or one of the helpfiles has the reference to the XCF format in them, which is what screwed me up in trying to figure this out.

      Of course, this is me basing everything on my reading of documentation without trying stuff first...

      Glad for teh GIF/JPEG support, so I'll start playing with that next.

      Thanks for the help, by both you, Harry, and Nominal Coward...


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    Re: Image Format Support (GIF,JPEG)
    by Hilliard Davis II on Saturday January 08, 02:30PM, 2005
    Seashore opens and saves in the XCF format. It retain all info in the format, although it can not display everything. I've not seen an instance (when switching between it and Gimp.app, which saves .xcf files now i gues) where info was not retained in the saved file. Seashore is a Cocoa Raster Image Editor. It is up and coming.... http://seashore.sourceforge.net/
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