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Conflict with Versioning
Squishdot Posted by John Goerzen on Wednesday October 27, 03:48PM, 1999
from the cant-live-with-em-cant-live-without-em dept.
Zope has a wonderful feature called Versions that allow you to work on a site and test changes without putting those changes into production. However, whenever I turn on a version to make some site changes, squishdot spews errors whenever somebody does something that needs a "write", such as submitting an article or comment. How can this conflict be fixed?

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    Re: Conflict with Versioning
    by Phillip J. Eby on Friday October 29, 01:58PM, 1999
    The short answer... you can't. Modifying an object in a version makes it unwritable in the "main branch" of the site. This is a limitation of the ZODB versioning model at present.

    It is theoretically possible to write a versioning storage that provides a better conflict resolution model, and Ty Sarna and I are working on that possibility. Some of the folks at DC are also looking into alternative approaches to fix the same problem.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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