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Site technical issues in hand
Squishdot Posted by Bruce Perens on Tuesday October 26, 05:04AM, 1999
from the I broke it dept.
After some patches from Evan Simpson, I seem to have the site technical issues in hand. They are fixed for technocrat.net and fiawol.com and will be fixed for squishdot.org as soon as I get one small change from Butch. Then you will see no more "Forum/Forum/Forum/..."

None of the problems had anything to do with Squishdot, they were problems with the configuration of my Zope instance - I was pushing the envelope a bit, and a few patches to the SiteAccess product and the VirtualSite product had to be made before everything worked. The patches will be included in the next versions of these products and Zope will thus be easier to configure.


Bruce Perens

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