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Features: Recently posted articles + mail gateway
Squishdot Posted by Ross Boylan on Saturday October 23, 08:26PM, 1999
from the Pacifica Supporters Association dept.
Is there a way for users to see articles since they last viewed the site?

I am a founder and programmer for the Pacifica Supporters Association (joe.to/~pacifica). We've been using www.deja.com/~pacifica for discussion, but it is way too awkward for people to use. However, being able to catch up is very useful.

Being able to see a whole thread with replies at once would also be a plus, since the web browsing is slow. It looks as if squishdot does that.

Finally, we'd like to gateway with email, for people who prefer that. I'm anticipating we will need to add this feature.

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    Re: Features: Recently posted articles + mail gateway
    by Butch Landingin on Monday October 25, 04:38AM, 1999
    Zope will be coming out with a feature known as Membership (as part of the Portal Toolkit) which will make it easier to track usage (e.g. last time a user viewed what page, etc.) and allow you to do this in Squishdot (along with more sophisticated stuff) -- however, this is still in the future.

    OTOH, it maybe possible to do a quick DTML hack with cookies to do this -- it may or may not be sufficient for your needs.

    As for the email gateway -- there is a notification feature that allows you to send an email whenever someone replies to your post; however, there is currently no support for emailed postings/replies to get into the discussion database (of course, you are welcome to try -- Zope has some support for accessing IMAP servers, I don't know about POP3 though) -- I suspect its not going to be easy to add this, though.

    -- Butch

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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