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Nestable Squishdot
Squishdot Posted by John Landahl on Thursday October 07, 12:02AM, 1999
from the can-it-be-done dept.
I'd like to be able to nest subfolders of Squishdot postings under the main Squishdot site. The idea is to allow more focused items and discussions to remain separate from the main site and other "sub sites". This doesn't seem like it should be too difficult to accomplish.

The problem I'm trying to solve is this: I'm building an intranet-type site for my company that has general company-level announcements and discussions. But I also want separate "subsites" for individual projects so that low-level postings and discussions can happen without spamming the entire company. Yet it should be possible to occasionally include a posting from a "subsite" in the parent site, eg. for project announcements that the whole company should know about.

It seems like this should be pretty do-able. Perhaps a new object type called "Squishdot folder" could be created to make it easy to drop in nested folders of discussions. The main index_html method could be modified slightly to make better use of aquisition. This would allow for specific rightbox_methods within subfolders, different topic images, etc. Folders could be displayed in the leftmost column under the "post / search / admin" choices.

Comments? Flames? I'd be happy to play around with the code to see if I can hack together a version of this. I think it would add a whole new dimension of usability to Squishdot.

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    Re: Nestable Squishdot
    by Janko Hauser on Thursday October 07, 04:02PM, 1999
    I had a similar wish. I have an internal news site and a public one. The public news should also be viewable on the internal site. My idea was to make a special topic/category for this and post these things also to another instance of squishdot. This would be simpler and would allow to have a different look for each news forum.

    I have not yet looked at the code and do not know how to handle security. (Set permissions for various topics to send posts to different sites.)

    Just an idea...

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    Re: Nestable Squishdot
    by Michael Bernstein on Thursday October 07, 08:45PM, 1999
    Sounds interesting.

    I believe that Butch was already thinking of something like this, which he called 'article stalks', that would also allow postings to belong to more than one category/topic.

    Another way that this would be useful, is that management priveleges could then be delegated on a per folder basis.

    I am also looking forward to adding an ODP derived directory to my site, and it would be nice if the directory and the discussions could share their heirarchical structure.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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