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Squish on Win98
Squishdot Posted by Stuart Woodward on Monday September 27, 02:01AM, 1999
from the lost newbie dept.
I have Zope running on Win98 on my Notebook for on the road prototyping but I am clueless as to installing Squishdot and whether it would work on Win32 anyway. Has anyone written a basic installation guide for Squishdot or has anyone else managed to getting it running on Win32?

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    Squish works on Win98 as well as anywhere else
    by Jon Willeke on Thursday September 30, 03:04AM, 1999
    I've got Squishdot 0.1.5a running with the Win32 binary release of Zope 2.0.0 on W98 and NTW 4. Unfortunately, it requires a few patches.

    I'd recommend waiting for the next release, which Bruce says will be out soon. If you can't wait, email me and I'll walk you through it.

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    Re: Squish on Win98
    by Francisco Sam Castillo on Thursday September 30, 07:17PM, 1999
    Hello, I have squishdot working on both Linux and Win98 and it does install out of the box.

    The steps for this (the ones I made are this)

    1.- Download zope binary for windows 2.0.1 (recommended)
    2.- Download squishdot package and TinyTables (important)
    3.- Install Zope (double click on the previously downloaded file)
    4.- You will need to use winzip or the gunzip version for windows to unpack the files from squishdot and TinyTable distribution, do so on the zope directory, (somthing that has not been explain before is that all products are when made a package from zope saved with the path "lib/python/Products/" so you need tu unzip/untar etc from the root zope file in order to properly install de product.
    Once you get a folder named Squishdot and another one called TinyTables on the zope/lib/pyhton/Products/... then you are set just restart or start your zope in windows you get a start.bat and stop.bat on the root directory of zope.

    I hope that help I too had many problems with this the first time I got around to install squishdot, and no one replied to me.. so now I am glad I can do somthing about it...

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    Not so clueless now!
    by Stuart Woodward on Monday October 04, 07:31AM, 1999
    I got the basic version of Squishdot running about 10 minutes after I posted the above question. At that point the thing that was confusing me was that the process was so simple.

    I was using Bobo some time back but when I got busy I put Zope on the back burner and was blown away when I installed it.

    The TinyTables problem and fix required to squishdot.py also slowed me down for a couple of days.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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