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Squishdot listings by subject
Squishdot Posted by Jim Harrison on Wednesday September 22, 01:51PM, 1999
from the dept.
It would be useful for me to provide Squishdot listings by subject in the standard Squishdot display. It's not clear whether this might be available already within Squishdot, and since I'm a newbie, I'd like a bit of advice before messing with the code.

I'd like to be able to define a set of subjects, then invoke the Squishdot index_html method with a link like: http://my.server/squishdot/index_html?subject="thisSubject" ...to give me a Squishdot display of articles and their comments that all have the subject, "thisSubject." I want the regular Squishdot display for this rather than the Search Results list that is returned form a search on a particular subject. My specific questions are:

  1. Is the URL form above correct for transferring the desired value of subject?

  2. How is this value accessible within the index_html method?

  3. Can I do what I want just by checking to see if a subject value is specified, and then executing a dtml "if" statment matching the supplied value to the subject of each message inside the current "in" loop in index_html so that messages without matching subjects are skipped? Suggestions on the syntax for returning the value of the subject for each message also appreciated.

  4. Is this functionality already in Squishdot?

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