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Squishdot + TinyTable + Zope 2.0
Squishdot Posted by IvO on Thursday September 09, 11:33PM, 1999
from the cannot-get-this-to-work dept.
Cannot get fancy squish on my experimental site, I installed Squishdot succesfully and I was able to use it in 'vanilla html' mode. No look with any of the fancy themes.

I downloaded TinyTableB2, modify it as indicated in the Zope-dev list and restart Zope. the TinyTable product is there, i can create a tiny table (no idea how to use it thoufh). But when creating a Squisdot Site, in either of the fancy themes I got the following error. Any ideas? System info: The Control Panel provides access to system management functions, such as database and product management. Zope version: Zope 2.0.0 (binary release, python 1.5.2, linux2-x86) Python version: 1.5.2 (#1, Apr 14 1999, 10:34:26) [GCC] System Platform: linux2 Process ID: 2896 (1026) Running for: 7 min 0 sec

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    Re: Squishdot + TinyTable + Zope 2.0
    by Chris McDonough on Friday September 10, 02:52AM, 1999
    as posted in the message "need help with zope beta 6", download and replace the Squishdot.py file you have with the one that resides at ftp://the-penguin.otak-k.com and you should be OK.

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    Re: Squishdot + TinyTable + Zope 2.0
    by Kiran Jonnalaggadda on Saturday September 11, 03:07PM, 1999
    You need to install the TinyTable product. Find it in the Zope contributed products page. Also make sure that you have patched the Squishdot.py file. Someone's already posted the patch here; just do a search for regex.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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