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Modification of Squishdot.py
Squishdot Posted by Francisco Sam Castillo on Friday August 06, 09:43PM, 1999
from the dept.
Hello, squishdot is just great, I want to congratulate you all on a very promising Job, I have a question.

I have modified squishdot.py in order to automatically generate about 74 "subjects" and to include the "images" for them, at the same time I am translating source to Spanish, but when I saved the file and restarted Zope reports squishdot is broken why? I guess it has to do with the squishdot.pyc, any help would be much appreciated as I am doing this because zope 2.0.0b2 broke all my previous work, so I don't want to take the risk again of having the need to translate everything again and again, that's why I wanted to include all subjects and their images as well as the spanish texts on the original set of files, so that it is easy to recover from a disaster like the one I just expirienced with the broken Zope. Of course once I am done I will send the files if you find them usefull. :) On the other hand I wanted to ask if on any future developments, Squishdot would include account managment and personalization. Thanks alot in advanced

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