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A few enhancement ideas
Squishdot Posted by Chris Lawrence on Friday August 06, 07:50PM, 1999
from the ok-what-do-I-do-now dept.
I've got a working Squishdot installation (feel free to check it out); now I have a few comments.

First off, let me say I love Squishdot. After debugging my Zope installation (on a Debian Linux box), I had a working Squishdot site in about an hour or so (the hard part was adding the graphics). I'm impressed!

Now that I've figured out the security settings for articles and replies (on Options, not Security... d'oh), I don't have any pressing concerns. If I actually get my site off the ground (i.e. find someone willing to host it... I can't afford a dedicated line and the university will be upset if I run a "real site" off their backbone), I'd like to enhance the Squishdot engine in the following ways:

  • All them neat Slashdot features: moderation and logons would be helpful. Customizable squishboxes that can get contents from RDF files and stuff. Polls (unscientific). MS-HTML from Jon Katz. Ok, maybe not the last one. ;-)
  • Some way to rate whole articles. Readers would moderate whole articles, and other readers who liked similar articles in the past would have that one recommended to them. (Kinda like BookMatcher at Amazon.)
  • Optional use of CSS2 positioning instead of tables. I dunno if Zope has any real stylesheet support. Perhaps when Mozilla reaches world domination...
Anyway, those are a few ideas (none original). I suspect Zope has the underlying support for most, if not all, of them.

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    Re: A few enhancement ideas
    by Oliver Kuegow on Monday August 09, 03:16PM, 1999
    Rob Malda will be releasing a new and updated version of slash soon. Maybe you could just take his code, rip it off in python and make your own additions to squishdot. This way you can contribute to the community AND get all the neat stuff you want. Just my $0.02

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    More few enhancement ideas for 0.3 version
    by Chalaoux FR on Tuesday September 14, 10:14AM, 1999
    How to know if comments were readed or not ?
    An idea could be a new notification associated to an article if some comments were or not readed.
    Technical solution : Cookies associated with comments or something like that.

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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