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Two words : I18N and L10N :-)
Squishdot Posted by Fred P on Thursday August 05, 11:25PM, 1999
from the the-future-is-now dept.
A very neat product with a huge potential... But if this potential is to be realized, porting to other languages than English needs to be taken into account very early in the development process.

From the beginning I felt that Zope was something big, but I didn't quite know why. I wanted to try it out, but didn't quite know how.

Squishdot made me realize how powerful the platform really is -- so much functionality in so little time and effort, and it's just the beginning...

The combination could be huge on intranets -- but for that it needs to be easily translatable to any language. Of course it's not hard to edit the DTML properties -- I have a 99% French Squishdot running right now (only the dates are left, and the word "byte", because these come from deeper layers). But I hate to think I'd have to do it over and over again for each new version.

I guess you've got other things on your mind right now, I've seen the roadmap, but OTOH if these things aren't build into the project early on, they often become daunting by sheer size later on; and sometimes never happen at all...

Thanks for a great product (pun intended) folks !

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    Re: Two words : I18N and L10N :-)
    by Butch Landingin on Friday August 06, 01:09AM, 1999
    Ok, ok, I admit, I'm too english-centric... :^)

    Some of these things were done when I had insufficient understanding of DTML and got frustrated with it, so I took a shortcut and coded some text directly into Python...

    OTOH, this is very early alpha software, so its got warts and all. However, I fully intend to make it usable in all languages so your criticism has been noted and will be addressed in future releases (as when that will appear is, of course the next question ;^)).

    One of the ways Zope has made this multi-language support easy has been the separation of the code from the content... I will start reviewing the python code to remove language-centric stuff and move them to where they can be customized for particular locales...

    This issue, BTW, also applies to Zope (and even the Python language) itself, and there have been some preliminary steps for a Zope Internationalization Project (ZIP) in order to make it fully usable with all kinds of languages...

    -- Butch

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    • Russian dolls and simple steps...
      by Fred P on Friday August 06, 03:59PM, 1999
      I see you're in the right state of mind, good !

      Probably the ZIP project will yield all sorts of useful things products like yours can take advantage of. OTOH, you don't know when that'll be usable, either :-)

      The risk is to delay the Squishdot stuff waiting for ZIP (or use it as an excuse for procrastination :-) while the codebase gets larger and harder to change. Simple (albeit admittedly boring :) things can be done at the Squishdot level to make things work better for foreign users in the meanwhile...

      Maybe taking out all the literal text from DTML pages, turning them to variables (properties) set in separate pages, that people could preserve between upgrades ?

      PS: users have found you out. Good luck :-)

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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