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Feature: Welcome to Squishdot!
Squishdot Posted by Butch Landingin on Friday July 16, 05:09AM, 1999
from the squishdot-does-what? dept.
Squishdot is a news publishing and discussion product for Zope. It creates a place in your website where people can post short articles, news items, announcements, etc. as well as hold threaded discussions about them. In other words, Squishdot is a weblog product.

Squishdot Features

Squishdot is a Zope Product, i.e. it works as a plug-in module for the Zope Application Server. It provides you with a news publishing and discussion site with a minimal amount of configuration and day-to-day administration. It is also easy to customize and can satisfy a wide range of news publishing needs.

Like Zope, it is being released under an OpenSource license. You can use, modify, and redistribute the source code for both commercial and non-commercial purposes following the terms imposed by the license.

Squishdot was inspired by Slashdot, a news publishing and discussion website (i.e. a weblog website) focusing on technology and the open source movement. While we credit Slashdot with many of the ideas we have used regarding the web page and navigational structure, mode of interaction and the default look-and-feel of Squishdot, we must make it clear that Slashdot is NOT in any way affiliated with, nor does it endorse or support Squishdot. DO NOT request any support or submit bugs, enhancement requests, questions etc. to Slashdot regarding Squishdot. Instead, send all email regarding Squishdot to squishdot@yahoo.com.

We have used the look and feel of Slashdot to serve as a starting point, a showcase example, of what can be done with Squishdot. As we hope to get more suggestions and ideas for improving the application, we hope to develop its own unique look and feel, structure and mode of interaction to make it more effective in its goal of disseminating information and fostering discussion.

In terms of the actual source code, Squishdot has been derived from Confera, a threaded discussion Zope Product and it retains or extends many of the features included in Confera. These include :

  • moderation options
  • text search
  • automatic article expiration
  • file attachments
In addition, several features have been added:
  • subject topics -- you can create subject categories to group together related articles
  • subject topic images -- you can optionally associate subject topics to images
  • additional fields have also been added : a department field and a summary text field

Squishdot versions

Squishdot version numbers have a three part numeric format separated by a dot (x.y.z) where x is the major release number, y is the minor release number and z is a maintenance release number. This current release is currently 0.1.4. As bugs are found and fixed we will be releasing versions 0.1.5, 0.1.6 and so forth. The second number is reserved for minor additional features or architectural revisions.

Because Squishdot is currently pre-alpha software, we do not suggest using this product for high volume, high performance, or mission-critical applications. As of this time, we have not tested it for stability nor optimized it for performance. We cannot even promise, at this point, interface stability (i.e. in terms of the interface methods). While in time this will change and become more stable and scalable, don't come crying to us if you use it for something on which your job or career depends on, and it suddenly borks on you. You will only have yourself to blame if you do this <*grin*>.

Miscellaneous items

We welcome product improvement suggestions, code, questions, praise, money, bug reports as well as criticism. You can send all of them to squishdot@yahoo.com. Please prefix the subject line with a bracketed category name, for example [BUG REPORT] so that we can easily classify the messages. You can also sign up for a couple of mailing lists that have been setup if you want to get the latest news on Squishdot.

If you wish to find out more, the other articles provide information on the configuration, future direction and other stuff regarding Squishdot and Zope.

Also a comment about the default topics and images we used: we hope Digital Creations and Zope.org can pardon the liberties we have taken with their logos. Feel free to throw them out the moment you see them (except that one image used for Zope Dopes).

Lastly, we wish to thank the guinea pigs who tried using the earliest versions of the application -- they know who they are -- thanks for your patience.

-- Butch, Jeremy, and John

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    ( Reply )

    This is great!
    by J. Maynard Gelinas on Monday July 26, 05:22PM, 1999

    This is Wonderful! I really want to thank you for both integrating this system with another well known OSS project (zope) and for giving it out under a well known and understood OSS license. You've helped me dramatically because not only is this visually pleasing, but it's license requirements are straightforward!

    I have only one nit pick so far: the entry form for posting a reply could use a [preview] button so users can proof-read their posts before adding them to the fray.

    I'll be adding it to the next feature release -- Butch

    Thanks Bruce! (and every other author involved with the project)

    Three cheers for Bruce! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! ;^) -- Butch (squishdot maintainer)

    [ Reply to this ]
    Re: Feature: Welcome to Squishdot!
    by Doug Loss on Tuesday July 27, 06:58PM, 1999

    I just wanted to see what a Squishdot comment looked like.

    Doug Loss

    Sorry, I had moderation options set to
    moderate both postings and comments -- Butch

    [ Reply to this ]
    Squishdot / Confera comparison please?
    by Jonathan Marsden on Sunday August 22, 04:07PM, 1999
    Squishdot looks really good so far!

    I'd value a few words on what was removed from
    Confera, and whether there are situations where
    it would make sense to use Confera rather than

    In other words, was anything of value removed
    from Confera in the creation of Squishdot,
    and if so, what was it?



    [ Reply to this ]
    Need more details about Features
    by Tai Truong on Tuesday October 19, 04:33PM, 1999
    Well, squishdot sounds intruiging. I am still looking for a neat forum-tool. I found w-agora and phorum. But no one has an automatic import-interface yet.

    For my paperless intranet I need the possibility to import emails, htmls and other files (e.g. fax-incomings in gif-/jpg-format). The automatic interface could be like post_file_from_user_to_topic@slashdot:1234

    Do slashdot has an import-interface?

    What about limiting user-access for special topics (=intranet)?

    Is slashdot the end of my journey or not?

    Questions over questions...

    [ Reply to this ]
    hrm test
    by lamer on Friday March 17, 08:07PM, 2000

    [ Reply to this ]
    Thank God for Python
    by spiralx on Wednesday April 26, 11:54AM, 2000

    Well I keep trying to look through the Slash code and figure it out, but it's probably the nastiest piece of code I've looked at in a while, so this comes as a great relief. And it's in one of my favourite languages - Python! I'll be studying the source code from now on... :)

    [ Reply to this ]
    Re: Feature: Welcome to Squishdot!
    by Bokane on Wednesday September 06, 10:05PM, 2000
    This is really cool - certainly a lot easier to use and maintain than Slash. I was just wondering if it has any kind of user-authentication mechanism, so that users could be authenticated with a .htaccess file, and then have their usernames automatically attached to messages that they post.

    Great job, guys!
    [ Reply to this ]
    Serious contender for an intranet!
    by Amitabh Jain on Friday November 03, 09:24AM, 2000
    I have recently discovered Zope and now Squishdot. Great job folks! I am evaluating alternatives to Manila/Frontland for our intranet, and this is going to be a major contender.

    [ Reply to this ]
    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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