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Looking for testers
Squishdot Posted by Zope Dope on Friday July 16, 05:09AM, 1999
from the 1-2-3-testing-testing dept.
As you know, Squishdot is currently still pretty much an alpha product. We'd like to change that and you can help. How? By using it, of course! Kick it around for a while and then tell us what you think about it.

We especially want people to test it on different environments, especially Linux, BSD, and even on Windows NT. We also want to see how well it works with all kinds of browsers, especially the more uncommon ones such as Opera, Lynx, etc.

Send your comments, bug reports, wish lists, etc. to squishdot@yahoo.com. Prefix the subject line with a bracketed comment such as "[BUG REPORT]", "[FEATURE REQUEST]","[SUPPORT QUESTION]", etc. so that we can easily classify your messages. We cannot promise a prompt response for your questions, however.

You can also sign up for a couple of mailing lists that have been setup if you want to get the latest news on Squishdot.

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    We're there (probably)
    by MJR on Wednesday July 28, 01:01PM, 1999

    I'll install it on our new test site, kick it around a bit and let you know what happens. This could be just what we're looking for and absolve us from needing to write all them CGIs again.

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    Re: Looking for testers
    by Just a tester on Wednesday July 28, 05:05PM, 1999

    First post?! 8^)

    No you're not :^) -- Butch

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    Re: Looking for testers
    by Joshua Pruitt on Thursday July 29, 12:16AM, 1999
    This could be *just what I have been looking for*!!!

    I can't wait to try it out!


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    Re: Looking for testers
    by Chris Lawrence on Friday August 06, 08:00PM, 1999
    I've banged on Squishdot in the following browsers:

    • IE5: No problems.
    • Netscape 4.61 (Win95): No problems.
    • Netscape 4.61 (Linux): Occasional crashes when authenticating, no idea why. But that's NS's problem.
    • Mozilla (Seamonkey Milestone 8, Linux): More stable than Netscape, but rendering of scrolled pages absolutely hosed on my laptop. I don't know if this is an X server issue or a Mozilla problem. Anyway, not your fault.
    • Lynx 2.8.2 (Linux): Works great. Everything on main page is centered, though. Also, weird rendering of this page: the quotes (inserted as " per HTML spec) in the lead show up as double quotes in the home page, but show up as " on the story page. Since everyone violates the spec and actually puts double quotes inline, I dunno if this is confusing the renderer in Lynx or if Squishdot is doubly-escaping my " (as &quot). If it is, it should be consistent between the main and story pages.

    Next time I boot my Amiga, I may see if Voyager can handle the pages.

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    Re: Looking for testers
    by David Miller on Wednesday October 27, 01:04PM, 1999
    Well, we have been looking for a cheap (ie free) solution like squishdot to do a BIG Christian site related to the Olympics next year. And so far Squishdot is looking good. I'm trialling it out on a small community of people here in Australia.

    We are currently running on Redhat 5.2.

    We will need any internationalisation stuff too - we want to have reports in multiple language. While we could just run different squishdot's for each language (since we may only report certain things for certain languages) any help in the product would be great.

    Anyone got any performance stats yet?

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    Re: Looking for testers
    by John DelToro on Monday January 01, 02:24AM, 2001
    If looking for a tester, I really would be interested in testing a new product just need to know what and what type of feedback you would like on you product? Just email me and tell how I can take on this opportunity.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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