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Customizing Squishdot (Part 3)
Posted by Butch Landingin on Friday July 16, 05:09AM, 1999
from the you-gotta-concentrate-extra-hard dept.
This is part 3 on customizing Squishdot. This one discusses the important Properties Tab, which is crucial in customizing the look and feel of Squishdot.

The Properties Tab

The Properties tab contains those options that are intimately connected with the DTML methods that make up the default look and feel of Squishdot. These properties factor out the commonalities in the webpage design so that they are specified only in one area. By tweaking them, you can modify the names, color schemes, etc. and other characteristics of the webpages that Squishdot uses.

The following are the properties currently defined by default (you can choose to add properties and use them when you modify, add or delete the DTML methods in Squishdot):

  • title -- used in the title element in the HTML head
  • expire_time -- used in the HTML metatag "expires"
  • the color scheme. Each one plays the following role:
    • color1 - background border color (outside the main table)
    • color2 - main background color (inside the main table)
    • color3 - main theme color (background color of title bars)
    • color4 - squishbox background color
    • color5 - text color on "Read More" page
    • linedot_image - url of a single pixel image of the same color as the one used in color3
  • drop_shadow - set to 1 if you want drop shadows, 0 for no drop shadows
  • round_edge - set to 1 if you want rounded edges, 0 for square edges
  • title_image - set to the url of the image logo of the site, which preferably should be around 50 pixels in height and no more than 200 pixels wide.
  • site_name - the name of your website. Maybe different from the title.
  • comment_spillover - this is the number that sets the threshold at which if the number of comments exceed this threshold, the comments will be listed in summary format (with just the title and a link to the full text of the comments) will be displayed in the "Read More" page.
  • the admin_address and admin_name are used in the default squishboxes for contacting the sites administrator as well as providing the sender info when email notification is enabled.

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    ( Reply )

    color1 is Text *&* Background?!
    by Chris on Thursday February 22, 11:25PM, 2001
    I personally think its pretty lame that out-of-the-box color1 is both the background color as well as the default body text color -- so if I want to -- out of the box -- make the BG white, then all the text will be white too. I suggest a color6 as the background and color1 as text.
    [ Reply to this ]
    • Re: color1 is Text *&* Background?!
      by Bjorn van der Meer on Monday October 07, 03:37PM, 2002
      I agree (Well. Not lame, just unfortunate.). This way I had to add a fontcolor1 and change all the calls of color1.
      [ Reply to this ]
      • Re: color1 is Text *&* Background?!
        by Chris Withers on Thursday October 10, 12:36AM, 2002
        Yeah, well, it's pretty easy to customize ;-)
        [ Reply to this ]
      • Re: color1 is Text *&* Background?!
        by d33p on Wednesday October 29, 06:28PM, 2003
        I just created a new string property called bgcolor and changed in the header the body bgcolor, it is easier.
        [ Reply to this ]

    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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