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Localizer and Squishdot
Squishdot Posted by Alison on Monday April 25, 09:48PM, 2005
from the dept.
Has anyone any ideas about how to deal with this problem...I have Localized Squishdot into french and spanish and everything was hunkydory with all the text translated using the message catalog. One of my users is now telling me that their french characters are not being displayed properly in the message text and title. After investigation it seems that if I call for a message catalog translation eg gettext('hello') on my page the character encoding for the text and title goes wrong. If the page is without reference to the message catalog then the title and text are displayed correctly... Any help much appreciated.

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    Re: Localizer and Squishdot
    by Alison on Wednesday April 27, 10:27AM, 2005
    Replying to my own problem... I fixed the problem although I don't know why I got the problem in the first place... All the pages on my Squishdot site were utf-8 and switching to iso-8859-1 solved the problem but I had to take some non-iso-8859-1 characters out of the Localizers message catalog first.
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    • Re: Localizer and Squishdot
      by Chris Withers on Monday May 30, 08:46AM, 2005
      As I said in reply to your first post: be careful, character encoding is extremely tricky :-S

      As a question, though, are you serving your Squishdot site in more than one language?

      If it's only being served in one language, then just translate the templates for that one language. You can then loose the whole overhead of localiser and stick with simple templates...

      If you're really serving your Squishdot site in multiple languages, then how do you handle the translation of content?
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    Re: Localizer and Squishdot
    by Wenjie on Wednesday April 27, 02:16PM, 2005
    I have a perhaps similar problem to display properly Chinese characters in the post page: the "Preview" leads to unicode outputs for message author, title as well as body. But after submit the text (Chinese) is readable. Do you guys have some solution already for this?
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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