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Display recent postings & replies
How-To Posted by Hjalmar on Monday February 14, 10:26AM, 2005
from the dept.
I want to see display all recent postings & replies ordered by date and time of postings.

How can I create that?

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    Need more info
    by Chris Withers on Monday February 14, 12:24PM, 2005
    You need to decide what you mean by recent ;-)

    Look at ZCatalog searches, Squishdot Sites ARE ZCatalogs, so you can search them in many interestign ways. There are lots of examples floating around on this site and on the Squishdot Yahoo Group's archives.
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    Re: Display recent postings & replies
    by matt watson on Thursday February 24, 03:59PM, 2005
    I use the following code as a rightbox method. I cant take credit for it, as it was sourced from a customisation competition on freezope. I can't find the original post as freezope has moved to a plone front end and I think some old content when with it...

    anyhow, the code...

    <dtml-in "YOURSITENAME(sort_on='date',sort_order='reverse')" size=15>
    <dtml-with getObject>
    <dtml-if reviewed>
    <a href="<dtml-var site_url ><dtml-var thread_path>/<dtml-var id>" title="On <dtml-var date_posted> by <dtml-var author>">
    <dtml-var title> </a> <BR> (<dtml-var author> - <dtml-var date_posted>)

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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