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Multiple search terms
How-To Posted by Jeff on Friday August 29, 05:24PM, 2003
from the dept.
Can a search be performed on more than one term at the same time, with, say, a boolean expression?

For example, when I do a search command such as:

http://example.com/mysquish/search?subject=Feature Requests&op=articles

is there a way to include more than one subject in the search? Say, if I want to search for two subjects "Feature Requests" and "Enhancements"?

Is there a boolean notation to include more than one term in the search string?

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    by Chris Withers on Wednesday September 03, 02:16PM, 2003
    Squishdot can be treated as a ZCatalog, so can be searched any way that it can be.

    If you check:

    ...you'll see what indexes are available to play with if you treat your SquishSite as a ZCatalog.

    However, the 'search' method has a little bit of hocus pocus for backwards compatability.

    Nevertheless, if you construct URLS like:

    ...they should do what you want.



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    Re: Multiple search terms
    by Infolets on Sunday February 15, 07:31AM, 2004
    Infolets seems to have this feature working.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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