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Anonymous Posting
How-To Posted by Aurélien Campéas on Tuesday February 18, 09:10PM, 2003
from the tricky-things-with-rights-management dept.
I would like to do something slightly different from what the previous poster requested. I want to find a way to authorize anonymous postings but deny anonymous viewing of posts.

Obiously, this goes against the standard hierarchie of privileges supported by squishdot. Indeed, currently, Posting requires the ability to View. Would'nt it be possible to overcome this "limitation" ?

Maybe it's to hard to play with the current privilege schema... I asked myself recently if it would be possible to insert some snipet on top of the main posting's page, like :

(dtml-if 'user-role=Anonymous')
Nothing to see here.

Any thoughts ?
Also, Zope is vast, even if you can't give a straightforward answer, or if this is in fact a FAQ (shame on me...) I wouldn't mind to be redirected to some existing documentation.
Thank you very much.


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