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About Squishdot Site Code
How-To Posted by BuzzBee on Tuesday February 05, 05:23AM, 2002
from the new-squish-users dept.
About the squishdot site and the articles posted in this site...

Iam a new user of this site. I have started up by looking up the code of the site. I would like to know a little bit more about the articles that are posted on this site. Well if I incorporate a squishdot site in my website, then when a new article is posted where do these articles get stored and how are they associated with replies that are sent in to them. Is a new folder created everytime a article is posted specific for the said article or is some other method used for storing it


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    Re: About Squishdot Site Code
    by Chris Withers on Tuesday February 05, 01:33PM, 2002
    You probably want to find out more about Zope, the web application server that Squishdot runs on...



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    Re: About Squishdot Site Code
    by Tal on Tuesday February 19, 11:08AM, 2002
    Hi BuzzBee
    I'm a new user to.
    You can start your on squish-dot site in http://www.freezope.org
    Then you will be able to maintain your own squish-dot site & find more about maintaining.

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    Re: About Squishdot Site Code
    by LninYo on Friday March 29, 02:02AM, 2002

    You probably do need to immerse yourself in Zope, but that seems a bit unfair if you're just a user trying to get a weblog or a simple site up!

    having said that, The articles are not stored in Folder objects or anything. They are all stored as ZODB objects in the ZCatalog. That funny number that you see up there? that is the object id, it is generated from the current datetime stamp when you create the article. There is some kind of linking mechanism that links various objects together. ZCatalog exposes some properties of these objects. If you grep thru the source of the DTML documents for "has_replies" or some such, you'll see that it is being used in the context of a given object to see if it has replies.

    SquishDot is not well documented, so you have to search this website and wade thru the articles. Also, when you do a new install of squishdot, there are some articles by Butch Landigan (The actual author of this great product) They will go a long way to help you understand some of the guts of the system.

    For the rest just put a piece of wood between your teeth (to bear the pain) and wade thru the articles.

    Some keywords to search for: Zcatalog, article, has_replies etc. etc.

    Your Mileage May Vary..

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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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