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i18n for Squish
How-To Posted by Ira Abramov on Saturday January 26, 02:11PM, 2002
from the it-sounds-better-in-yiddish dept.
I'm looking into adding Hebrew support to an existing weblog product, and Squish is the first one I am looking into, since It's the most familliar to me.

The special considerations Hebrew has (with Right-to-left, encodings and other problems) should hopefully be transparent to zodb. I am setting a small set of goals as a start, but before I hit the road, I'd love to get your feedback.

list of current guidelines:

  • should be a skin-deep interface change. I want to rely on ZODB not to mangle strings.
  • I need to experiment alternatively with UTF-8, windows-1255 and iso8859-8-i, see what browsers on Linux, windows and Mac display and pot to it correctly or not.
  • at the moment planning to publish it simply as a squish theme, unless there's a project to extract all strings to a language file which I should know about?

    and here's the big question: should I start this based on Squish 1.4? I haven't seen any mention of Swishdot development for months, but maybe I didn't look hard enough...

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    Biig problem ;-)
    by Chris Withers on Tuesday January 29, 05:28PM, 2002
    Well, you've chosen one hell of a tough problem, so good luck :-S

    I'd have a look on the various Zope lists and dev.zope.org for i18n discussions relating to ZOpe in general, after that, 1.4 is as good a place as any to start.

    That said, I have vague memories of someone writing and i18n'ed version of Squishdot. It's probably available for download from the SourceForge site.

    good luck,

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    • Re: Biig problem ;-)
      by Ira Abramov on Tuesday January 29, 06:05PM, 2002

      Crap, I was afraid of such an answer... in any case, I saw that posting a subject in Hebrew is not recognised as a legal string, and spits my post out, so it's likely I'll have to dig into zope itself for fixes to the string handling codes and that I do not want to do, I'll gladly hand over that headache to someone else.

      next option is to try NuKof, which is a perliminary release (will only be available from next week) of PHPNuke with hebrew support, but PHPNuke gets so many alerts on bugtraq that I'm afraid to install it on my server. tough.

      Any Israelis that want to take a look: http://nukof.dotkof.org

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      • Re: Biig problem ;-)
        by Tal on Wednesday February 06, 02:52PM, 2002
        I Ira

        Well, I started to translate squish-dot to Hebrew.
        I'm working in total about ammm.. 5 minutes.
        You can see the results here:


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        • Re: Biig problem ;-)
          by Eric on Wednesday February 20, 03:05PM, 2002
          I am interested in i18n of squish for Japanese, but thought to take a look at your Hebrew version, and you need a userid and pass.
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      • Re: Biig problem ;-)
        by Gilad Ben-Yossef on Tuesday March 26, 11:22PM, 2002


        Nimrod Keret have already done this. Check out the Magaf.org site - it runs with a Hebrewvised Squishdot.


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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