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Problems with moderation...
Websites Posted by venusXL on Tuesday July 17, 10:08AM, 2001
from the i-think-i-broke-it dept.
We've been using Squishdot live now for a few weeks but I think I have implemented something very wrong as the Moderation page is fubared.

I have set the site to full on moderation however whenever anyone posts a story the Moderation page display not just the post but about 4 or 5 articles. Its the same articles every time as well. Very odd.

As anyone else experienced this and how can I reslove it? I have changed squishdot's look and feel an awful lot and suspect I have removed some vital code somewhere along the line by mistake 8)

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    Re: Problems with moderation...
    by Navindra Umanee on Tuesday July 31, 04:54PM, 2001
    I think it's very possible full moderation is broken on Squishdot. At least it didn't work as expected when it was tested on dot.kde.org, but it didn't show the same symptoms yours did.

    Basically ours did not post the first comment until it was approved, but it posted all other comments once the first was approved whether or not they were reviewed... ahh, nevermind. :)

    Take what I say with a grain of salt. We're using an old Squishdot and have never really needed full moderation before. We fix it as we go. :)

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    Re: Problems with moderation...
    by Chris Withers on Tuesday July 31, 05:14PM, 2001
    Yeah, is is a known bug caused by bogosity in posting_html.

    It's nto worth fixing in Squishdot, but Swishdot won't suffer from the same thing ;-)


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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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