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Default install location?
Newbies Posted by Keith Belton on Thursday June 21, 07:43PM, 2001
from the Hey I had it right once dept.

On my new Squishdot install I can only see it through the Zope admin interface View

  • is there a default http://localhost/??? for it? I have tried http://localhost/Squishdot, http://localhost//Squishdot/title, 11
  • now I am feeling stoopid.

Posting, mailhost added, all is working, but the only way I can view the site is throught the admin interface.

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    by Chris Withers on Friday June 22, 12:09PM, 2001
    Have you actually instantiated a Squishdot Site object>


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    • Re: Huh?
      by SpamapS on Friday June 22, 09:30PM, 2001
      I have the same question he does. I've created a squishdot site... but how the heck do I make it the default? and how do I make it so that anonymous users can access it?

      The Zope security model seems overly complex to me.
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      • Re: Huh?
        by Amr Malik on Sunday June 24, 03:30PM, 2001

        A really cheezy way (which I btw do use) would be to just redirect your main index_html to your squishdot site. So, you would rename your index_html in the zope root (/) and create a new dtml method (I guess dtml document would work too?). In this new index_html put a line like:

        <dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect(http://my.site.com/MySquishSite/)">

        This should redirect users to your squish instance.

        When you install your squishdot, it creates about 8 articles by default. This is pretty good startup documentation material. It might help to read thru that. If you have tiny table installed, you would need to give the anonymous user the "query tiny table data" permission. (Go into your squish instance, security tab, check the checkbox for this option under the anonymous column. Also, "view" should be enabled too. This is what I ended up doing. and things seem to work for my anonymous users.



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        • Re: Huh?
          by SpamapS on Sunday June 24, 10:38PM, 2001
          I actually did something a bit more complicated, but seems to work fairly well. I got it mostly from the SiteAccess page. I added a dtml method in my root called 'rewrite_to_qs', that had this

          |dtml-if "_.string.split(_.string.lower(_.string.split(HTTP_HOST, ':')[0]), '.')[-3:]==['qstest','spamaps', 'org']">
          |dtml-call "REQUEST['TraversalRequestNameStack'].append('QS')">
          |/dtml-if >

          (I had to change all the lessthan signs's to |'s to make it show up. Not sure what the tag is to preserve code like that in a post.)

          Then used the "Set Access Rule" to have that run every time.

          The only slightly annoying thing is, I have to use a different host name to access the Zope admin, as all requests for / get sent to the QS item.
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          • Re: Huh?
            by Amr Malik on Monday June 25, 03:13AM, 2001
            hmm.. I think I'll use it, if you don't mind :)
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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