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squishdot feature/localization ponderings ...
Squishdot Posted by Joseph Wayne Norton on Friday September 29, 03:39AM, 2000
from the dept.
I have just started using squishdot and I have a couple of questions. As a start, it was very easy to install and a lot of good functionality is provided out-of-the-box (Thanks!).

There a couple of areas in which I'm interested in using and extending squishdot. I'm curious if you have any feedback or comments.

- hierarchical categories

In a manner similiar to yahoo, I would like to have a hierarchical tree/browser for creating cagetories and sub-categories. This would allow articles/comments to be arranged and searched in this manner as well.

Is this something that you have considered before or are there any hooks present for this capability?

- externally-referenced articles

I would like to use squishdot for all of the publishing front-end and back-end. However, I would prefer not be tied (in all cases) to the squishdot interface for authoring news articles. If possible, it would be nice to generalize the interface such that external or zope-internal links can be treated as "articles" for threaded discussions, search, etc.

As a temporary hack, I was thinking of placing a zope response redirect dtml block in an article's body.

What do you think?

- security

I would like to create the following zope roles and have the squishdot product support them properly.

- Anonymous (i.e. Guest)
- Owner (i.e. Member)
- Manager (i.e. Admin-sys)
- Editor (i.e. Admin-pub)
- Author
- Operator

Is this something of interest to you as well?

- localization

I'm thinking of localizing the squishdot interface and article content for japanese. One possibility, is to use the zope "vary" tag/product (http://www.zope.org/Members/tino/Vary%20tag/readme) to provide both english and japanese views. I would also have to install the jsplitter and chasen packages for supporting search and catalog of japanese text (however, this will probably have no effect on squishdot).

If so, do you have any desire for me to feedback the interface changes to you?

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    ( Reply )

    by Chris Withers on Tuesday October 31, 03:28PM, 2000
    I hate big long postings so I'm going to tackle this bit-by-bit in several replies ;-)

    I have no plans for Yahoo-like categorisation. Of course, I'll gradly integrate any working pathces ;-)

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    External Articles
    by Chris Withers on Tuesday October 31, 03:30PM, 2000
    Your hack probabyl won't work as I would hope the DTML wouldn't be executed.

    You could just post a blank article with the URL in it.

    I'll have a look at bringing something like this into Swishdot.

    [ Reply to this ]
    by Chris Withers on Tuesday October 31, 03:32PM, 2000
    See the following page:

    [ Reply to this ]
    by Chris Withers on Tuesday October 31, 03:33PM, 2000
    I think zzLocale already supports Squishdot:

    Maybe mail Yves-Eric and ask him?
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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