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Looking for New Subjects
Squishdot Posted by Chris Withers on Monday September 04, 06:35PM, 2000
from the only-two-ever-get-used-:( dept.
The current list of Topic Subjects on this site seems very out of date and no longer very appropriate. I'd like to update them but need suggestions...

My list so far is:

  • Squishdot
  • Swishdot
  • Newbies
  • Website (ie: for Squishdot.org stuff, somebody give me a better term :-S)
I'm happy to have more and better suggestions.

I'm also looking for some niftier icons to go with them...

What do people think?


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    Re: Looking for New Subjects
    by Erik Enge on Monday September 04, 07:29PM, 2000
    Do you actually need any more? Or are you thinking in terms of the Topics to ship the default Squishdot installation with?

    I sat up this little private Squishdot site once. I just followed http://slashdot.org for a couple of days and I had myself all the icons and Topics I could ever want for :-). I never did use them, though.

    Now, of course, these images are copyrighted by the OSDN (I think) so you would have to ask for permission to use them. If they say you can use them, I could probably export my Topic folder to you. Then you wouldn't need to go through all that adding and typing :)
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    • Thought of one :-)
      by Chris Withers on Friday September 08, 02:45PM, 2000
      How about a How-To subject?

      (to show how to do common things in Squishdot)



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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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