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Using Squishdot.org
Squishdot Posted by Chris Withers on Monday September 04, 06:23PM, 2000
from the use-sourceforge-goddammit dept.
There have been quite a few bug reports posted as articles on this site recently. I'd like this to change so the site can be kept more for the discussion of how to use Squishdot and how it can be developed further.

So, please avoid posting bug reports to the site! ;-) I'd really like to see articles about how people are using Squishdot, what they'd like it to do that it doesn't, etc, and maybe even general areas where it fails, but really avoid the "I get this error and here's the traceback" syndrome...

There is bug collector which is much more suited to tracking these kinds of things:

If you have any problems accessing or using it, please email sourceforge@squishdot.org and let me know..

On a more general note, there are lots of useful tools to track and influence the future development of Squishdot and Swishdot that can all be found on the Squishdot Project page on SourceForge:



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