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Is ****** Dead? (title changed to protect the living :^))
Squishdot Posted by Deano on Tuesday April 25, 06:07AM, 2000
from the Is-Squishdot-Alive dept.
Wow. I've been bitten by the ZopePTK bug. I know, I know, I just got myself hooked on Squishdotics a few weeks back, but the PTK is where it's AT!

Still, I feel that Squishdot could lead the charge by making a useful implementation of the PTK - something the current PTKDemo does not even come close* to doing. Is anyone hacking on the Squishdot code?

I haven't seen any action here on the website, and I subscribed to the mailing list twice, because I mistook a lack of traffic for a failed subscription attempt. SOMEONE OUT THERE LET ME KNOW YOU'RE ALIVE! Zope, the PTK, and Squishdot are only as worthwhile as the community of developers and implementers - if you're still out there, let us know!

Frustrated lover of Zope Products starting with 'SQ',


Moderator's Note: I don't usually modify anyone's posting if I can help it. But this poster's original title was just too morbid that I felt it necessary to modify it a little bit.

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    Re: Is ****** Dead? (title changed to protect the living :^))
    by Butch Landingin on Wednesday April 26, 05:07PM, 2000
    Yes, I'm still alive, barely...but jeez, do you really have to ask if I'm dead? Don't you think that's kinda morbid (even if you thought it was in jest)?

    I'm stuck on a project that has me 200% overcommitted and this is the reason why I haven't done any Squishdot-related stuff or even popped up on the mailing list these past few months...

    In the meantime, Chris Withers, has volunteered to put in some patches and help out. Harry Cheung has also done some work putting in a Poll feature that you can attach inside Squishdot.

    So even though I'm not present, there *are* people working out with Squishdot. (Isn't that the point of Open Source -- you're not dependent on just one source of support?)

    If and when I finish out these things on my plate, I might start hacking Squish again. Eventually, I'll pop back up here on a more regular basis...

    -- Butch

    (Of course, if someone paid me to do this, I'd probably be here all the time :^))
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    • Re: Is ****** Dead? (title changed to protect the living :^))
      by Deano on Wednesday April 26, 09:37PM, 2000
      Sorry if it sounded morbid, but there was a stretch of at least a week and a half where nothing changed on the squishdot.org site except the rare reply to an article... Glad to see Butch is alive, and indeed not the sole codehack on this great product.

      Still, it would be nice if the maintainer-of-the-moment would pop onto the Squishdot website now and then to give a progress report. :)

      Also, anyone working on Squishdot products, ports to PTK (cough), or whatnot should be letting us* know when/what they're working on, so that we don't end up with sixteen squish-jennicam products...

      Heck, if they're too busy, I wouldn't mind keeping mental track and posting a weekly update. Then again, the above article took a few days to show up on the site, so perhaps someone with admin privs would be better...


      ps - what are your rates, Butch? My boss was looking into Notes as a groupware/intranet website solution, and the quote was VERY high.

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      • Hello!
        by Chris Withers on Friday April 28, 01:02PM, 2000
        Alright, here I am :-)

        If you're interested in my thoughts then see the roadmap.txt that comes in Squishdot 0.3.4

        A port of Squishdot to PTK sounds like an excellent idea and I'd place it around version 1.0 of Squishdot. I'm going to have to do it at some stage for my own site which means I'd be happy to feed it back to the community. My problem is that I don't yet 'get' the PTK. When I find some time I'm going to work on that :-)

        As for this site, I find it very difficult to track because there's no email notification and I don't have the time to come check it daily/weekly/etc. I prefer to use the squishdot@egroups.com mailing list. I'd love it if you could track both and post a weekly summary to this site while posting anything important from this site to the list. But that may be me being wishful ;-)

        You Notes point was very interesting. The company I work for are Lotus Premium Partners who know lots about Zope. It might well be worth us talking about any projects in that area. We do Zope, Notes and Domino Consulting so that probably covers all bases ;-)
        Drop me an email with more detail about the project you mentioned: chrisw@nipltd.com

        Cheers, and I hope I can serve the Squishers as well as Butch did,


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    • Re: Poll
      by 70South.com on Wednesday April 26, 10:41PM, 2000

      I have modified the zope poll product to fit nicely into to a Right Hand Method. As a Squishdot fan (long live Squishdot!), I would be more than willing to share that with you, if it will make things easier. If you like, email me and I will send the product folder etc over to you with the other methods needed. Check it out at 70South.

      70South: The No1 source for Antarcticles.

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      • Re: Poll
        by Chris Withers on Friday April 28, 01:05PM, 2000

        If you could post all of your code for this as well as describing what version of what Poll product you used for this, I'll see if I can get it into the next release :-)



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    Re: Is ****** Dead? (title changed to protect the living :^))
    by 70south on Saturday April 29, 10:08AM, 2000
    Attached find the code with a small readme / howto on the squishdot rightbox poll product I created for 70South. I have also sent it on the the kind Squishdot folks for consideration. I hope it helps.

    If you want to see it in action before installing, check it out at 70South.com

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    Re: Is ****** Dead? (title changed to protect the living :^))
    by 70South on Saturday April 29, 10:15AM, 2000
    The attachment did not seem to attach, so I will add the code to a link on the 70South site. If you are interested you can download it from there.

    Check the "Quick Links" Rightbox for the download link, or Click here and scroll down.

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    • Re: Is ****** Dead? (title changed to protect the living :^))
      by Dean on Tuesday February 18, 08:11PM, 2003
      Couldn't find the source. Would you post it again?
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