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Adding custom sections
Squishdot Posted by Will Marone on Tuesday March 14, 08:30PM, 2000
from the gotta-make-it-easy-for-the-end-users dept.
I run a site for my school, called East|3D. The site is hopefully going to serve as a student exchange for information and projects using Softimage|3D and Lightwave 3D, in a project called EAST. I hope to offer special sections for things such as models, software, and various "final products". Customization is needed, but I'm not sure where...


The site as it stands is basically a cookie cutter Squishdot site, with a few minor modifications. For instance, users cannot post articles, and I have links that will point to the new pages.

I need to find a way to create something similar to slashdot, in how an uploaded article sits in a queue. I also want to set it up so that when an article's post time is up (say, 10 days) the comments and larger topic are stripped off, the article and file are placed into a "database" of sorts.

Where would the customization of this sort take place? In the squishdot source, or in the DTML pages? Can anyone offer me some better descriptions of the dtml pages/python source?

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