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Multiple file attachments?
Squishdot Posted by Amos Hayes on Thursday February 17, 04:49PM, 2000
from the sure-would-be-nice dept.
Has anyone made modifications to attach multiple files in a posting?
Is it possible to have the browser file chooser support a shift-click? What about multiple attachment fields?
This is something I'd like to solve in an elegant way since a comon use of an internal squishdot site that I run is to post multiple project documents and images.

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    Re: Multiple file attachments?
    by Mister fish on Friday February 18, 05:26PM, 2000
    This is muchos betteros than focking slashdot.

    Now where the shed is everyone?

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    Re: Multiple file attachments?
    by runyaga on Monday March 06, 05:39AM, 2000
    what you are looking for exists in worldpilot, a application that runs on top of ZOPE. you can post multiple attachments, there is a test and send a email that w/ multiple attachs. I was looking into how they did it and it seems like its buried pretty deep in the code. I am interested in making a reusable way of doing this-- but i dont think that is nearly as easy as it sounds :(

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    Just testing
    by Jackel on Saturday March 11, 07:29PM, 2000
    hi I am just testing this funtion to see if it works.

    Also like to see if it posts ok.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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