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Minimum requirements for a Zope/Squishdot server?
Squishdot Posted by Sean Harbour on Monday January 17, 08:51AM, 2000
from the The hamsters-are-runnin'-as-fast-as-they-can,-Cap'n! dept.
Okay, here's the deal. I did a stock off-the-cd install of RH6.1. I loaded Zope and the Apache RPMS. I had to change permissions on a couple of files to nobody, and manually set the manager password, but it all seems to work fairly well. I loaded the new version of Squishdot in, and finally found out how to redirect it to be the default page. Success! Now, the kicker. It's all running on a 486/66 with 64 MB RAM ( I did recompile the kernel with 486 optimizations). Response time is slow, and top shows the CPU to be at 80-90 percent ALL THE TIME, mostly from Python. Did I miss something, or do I just deal with it until I move it to a faster box?

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    Re: Minimum requirements for a Zope/Squishdot server?
    by Butch Landingin on Tuesday January 18, 03:40AM, 2000
    All the time?!?

    I have something similar -- a 486DX2 66Mhz with only 24MB running on a Mandrake Linux 6.1 -- the only difference is I'm running Zope/Squishdot on ZServer directly (no Apache) -- my stats show that Zope's usage climbs up to 80% while retrieving the page but drops back down to nothing when its done...

    Response time is acceptable (of course, I'm accessing it via a LAN -- although its connected to the net, I don't advertise it and use it only to demo some stuff I'm working on, and even then only to a few people at a time)... its okay enough that I use it for thru-the-web development for hours-and-hours at a time... of course, I'm the only one using it 99% of the time...

    As for trying to improve the performance, if there's no need to compelling reason to run Apache, I would suggest running ZServer directly... this might help.

    Also, given the limitations of the box its running on, I would try to minimize the number of daemons/server apps running concurrently on that system...

    You can also try asking the zope mailing list for possible solutions and suggestions...


    -- Butch
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    • Re: Minimum requirements for a Zope/Squishdot server?
      by Sean Harbour on Tuesday January 18, 06:46PM, 2000
      Yes, top shows python at about 80 percent most of the time. I'm running Apache because I need to test the squishdot site with SSL later on. I am accessing it via LAN, and it takes about 10 seconds to change pages, both viewing and managing. I can switch to ZServer for now if it will make a noticeable difference in performance. Has anyone noticed a drop in performance with Apache/Zope compared to Zserver/Zope? I did notice one problem. After about a day, I started to get login prompts when accessing the site. I was able to solve that by granting anonymous access to the query tiny table field. I thought it was odd that it took a day for that to show up though.



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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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